A near and dear to my heart is something my close friend aptly named “Purse Pancakes.” They are pancakes, and yes, they go in my purse. If you’re  gluten free you know that old anxiety that you’ll end up somewhere with nothing to eat. Or at least nothing YUMMY to eat. So I often pack my pancakes. Because I love my pancakes.

Yes, I get looks and comments so I turn it into a conversation. What else can I do when I want my carb fix?!

In my opinion, Pamela’s pancake mix is THE best. There is some dry buttermilk in the mix, so if you need to stay away from dairy then this is not the recipe for you. The recipe also calls for an egg. My daughter who is NOT into gluten free much really loves these pancakes. Just follow the instructions on the back or the one I provide below.  Delicious. You can find it online at Vitacost.com or Whole Foods. It’s not cheap, but I think it’s a little healthier than a generic gluten free pancake mix.

Gluten-Free Purse Pancakes

Gluten Free Purse Pancakes