If you’re reading this, chances are you love junk food. You may also be eating gluten free for your own particular reason. Me, I was diagnosed with Celiac disease in 2011, but I loved junk food since I can remember. In the not so distant past, gluten free alternatives were not so pleasurable. Now there are pretty great options if you know where to find them.

For example, fairly recently, Eggo came out with THE BEST tasting gluten free waffles. Before that there were only acceptable brands, but after eating Eggo there’s no other. I confess I’m addicted to Eggo waffles. (This is NOT a plug for Eggo) Currently, I eat them every day. And I crave them. For breakfast: two eggs, coffee, and three waffles. Mid-morning snack: a waffle. lunch: soup and a waffle.

Hence, my waffle theme.

I cooked up this blog idea almost nine months ago while toasting my dinner of carby gluten-free tater rounds. I was feeling angry with myself over how I hadn’t changed my diet enough over the last year while training to be a health coach. My goal was to help people transition to a gluten free lifestyle and beyond. Well, I’ve been gluten free. But I haven’t gone beyond. How can I really help people if I haven’t gone beyond “dirty” eating to a healthier place free of processed carbs?




As my stomach soaked in the grease from my feast of taters I had a shocking realization:





More profoundly though, I’m a carb addict and I was before I had to eat gluten free. I think at one time I was known as the Donut Fiend. In the end, carbs are carbs. It’s the “other” white stuff. You know what I mean; sugar, potatoes, bread, pasta, Pirate’s Booty. Foods that will turn to sugar as soon as they begin to break down in your mouth, and cause sugar spikes and crashes. Yes, just whole wheat toast with butter will do this to you. AND it’s a myth buster for people who think that eating gluten free waffles or gluten free toast instead of wheat ones will make them healthier. Sorry. :(

I realized I needed to take myself on a deeply serious, yet fun and crazy (so I’ll actually do it!) journey from the “other” white stuff to clean and natural food. I must do this for my own health and I owe it to anyone I coach.


Daughter, Best Friend, and Gluten Free Junk Food Addict

Daughter, Best Friend, and Gluten Free Junk Food Addict


I’m writing this blog assuming there are others out there, gluten free or not, who WANT to be eating healthier, but CAN’T seem to get out of the bad eating cycle they’re in. I tried drastic measures like quitting all sugar cold turkey and became seriously depressed. I tried a detox program and bought all the supplements, read the manual, looked at the recipes and then proceeded to do absolutely nothing but continue to eat my waffles.

Instead of pretending I am a coaching powerhouse Zen-woman of peace and health, I realized it is most liberating, authentic, and transparent for me to bare all, and to confess my failure and weakness for waffles. There, I said it! Sigh.

But I’m tired of being tired. I’m worried about further health complications that can arise from Celiac disease and unhealthy eating in general. I want more energy and a continuously joyous mood that spills out to those I meet. Beyond that, I want to surmount the greatest obstacles in my life and be the captain of my soul. I’m asking you to follow this blog to support me in my endeavor to change, grow and learn. If my story resonates with you, and you want these things too, perhaps you will also be inspired and follow along!

I intended to share my attempts at cleaner eating, my successes and failures, reviews of different types of gluten free foods by large companies as well as local (Philadelphia area), share gluten free vegetarian recipes (did I mention I’m also vegetarian?) chronicle my attempts at trying new foods, strategies for adding better and more lasting habits, discuss debates over sugar, caffeine etc. and hopefully video tutorials on cooking and whatever else strikes my fancy or what you, dear reader, want! I’m just going from my gut here, so bear with me.

What would you like to see explored in this blog? Please comment below