Health, Nutrition, and Physical Fitness...

have always been important to me, but  they have waxed and waned in my life. Since my mid-twenties I've been tested for hypoglycemia, diabetes, and fatigue disorders trying to figure out why I often felt unwell. So, after my Celiac diagnoses in 2013, a lot was explained. 

But I still didn't feel that much better.


I believe the main culprit is refined carbohydrates, which wreak all types of havoc on blood sugar, amidst other imbalanced food and lifestyle choices. Unfortunately, I'm not the only one. Its a pervasive American thing, and my daughter and other family members are affected.

This blog is my attempt to heal myself and my family with natural foods and a balance of other important elements for a happy life.  But the main thing I want to do is find easy ways to make healthier choices and eat healthier. If its easy, it should be easy to stick to and make into a new lifestyle.

I'm using an intentionally tongue-in-cheek style to make a serious, dry topic palatable. We all need to be able to laugh at ourselves, even when we fail, because it's human.

After all, It's easier being human with a sense of humor!

I hope that by sharing my successes and failures that this endeavor will be fun for me and fun for others, hold me accountable, and help hold others accountable. Then we can make those healthy changes last!



Let's get started together!

No More Waffling!  Wait.  I love waffles.